Video tutorials Felted Skirt with stretch effect and boucle texture

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Felting tutorial Felted skirt with stretch effect and boucle texture Felting video Tutorial Step by step video instructions Nuno felting

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This video course has 6 video lessons with a total duration of 3 hours 40 minutes
The master class is available in viewing format via the link on a tablet, phone or laptop at any time convenient for you.

In this course, you will learn how to create nuno-felt skirts with a stretch effect and boucle texture that do not stretch, do not roll, hold their shape well, have a rich texture, a beautiful silhouette and a perfect fit.

You will learn In this video master class:
— what materials and tools to use to create a spectacular nuno-felt skirt with boucle texture and stretch felt quality;
— how to prepare the wool to obtain a fine and uniform layout;
— what silk to use and how to work with it;
— what kind of viscose to choose, how it affects the quality of the felt, and how to prepare it so that it can be easily unfolded and does not stick to hands;
— what tools will help make your work easy and enjoyable;
— what devices to use so that the materials do not become electrified and do not stick to the hands during the layout;
what vibro-grinders are, what is their difference, and which one to choose for work;
in which case what types of templates to use to build a pattern.
You will learn:
-a simple and understandable way to build a pattern of a straight classic skirt, learn how to change it depending on the chosen method of laying out the wool and different KU (magnification factors).
-how to model three different skirt styles on one template
-make a layout in which a stretch boucle felt is obtained;
-use different types of layouts, you will see the difference in felt, which is obtained depending on the option chosen.
-a simple, quick, and easy way of felting, which produces a beautiful textured boucle felt.
-install a zipper in a felted skirt.
-all stages of creating a skirt: from taking measurements and building a pattern to obtaining a finished product and finishing.

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